Adding/Editing Customers

Customer Details

The CRM is at the heart of the Insites Framework and is how you manage contact details, permissions, view form submissions and orders.

As an Admin User, you can add ‘Customers’ into the CRM via the admin interface and/or forms. Customers are made up of Companies and Contacts, where you can link them accordingly.

Here you will find all the details of Companies and Contacts, such as phone numbers, email, addresses and notes. If you add an address and have provided a Google Maps API Key in the ‘Settings’ it will display a map.

You can also see the Timeline of the Activities for that Company/Contact. Please note that this functionality is provided by another module.

Ad/Edit Company/Contact

Admin Users can add/update the necessary details for Companies/Customer through the various tabs:

  • Details
  • Addresses
  • Additional Info

Note: You can set the ‘Contact Type’ to be ‘Primary’ to make them show on the list view of the CRM for that Company. The full list of contact types can be edited through the System Fields in the Settings page.