Installing a Module

Step 1: Select a module to purchase in the pOS Module Marketplace

Step 2: Select the Instance you wish to install this on and click ‘Buy’

Step 3: Scroll down to Available Modules, click ‘Install’.

Note: An email notification will be shown that the module is being deployed in your instance and will send an email if it is ready or if there is an error.

Step 4: Do a manual refresh on the page and then scroll down and check the ‘Installed Modules’ section for the status of your Module installation.

Step 5: You have three options for the email provider on your instance.

NOTE: Staging Instance by default do not send email notifications and will only send them to the list you specify in the 'Instance Configuration' to avoid accidently spamming your clients. To update these settings please go to the 'Instance Configuration' and set workflows to "true" along with your preferred email recipients.

Option 1: Use the built in generic pOS SendGrid account. There is no action needed if you want to use this SendGrid account.

Option 2: You can choose to create a new Sendgrid account that is used for your instance. Go to ‘Integrations’ and click ‘Enable SendGrid’.

Enter the email and password you would like to use and pOS will create an account and link it to your Instance for you.

Note: The SendGrid password cannot be less than 8 characters.

Option 3: If you already have an exisiting SendGrid account, you can use this by updating the ‘Instance Configuration’ with your credentials and ‘Switching to edit mode’.