Deploying your packaged app to your environment


$ insites deploy <environment_name> [options]


$ insites deploy staging


A command that deploys changes made to app.


  1. -h, --help. It will display help command.
  2. -f, --force. It will force deploy to environment.
  3. <purpose>. It will deploy using purpose of project.
  4. --ignore-quality. It will remove linting process during deployment.


  1. Checks App directory
  2. Lints JS Files
  3. Checks if environment is existing
  4. Checks if purpose is existing
  5. Validations for deployment
  6. Performs Linting process of CSS, JS, and TS files
  7. Gets current branch
  8. Performs git status, gitadd, commitViaCMZ, git pull --rebase and git push
  9. Deploy changes to Marketplace

Validations for deployment

  1. Validates user to enter what type of commit they are deploying
  2. Validates user to enter scope of their change
  3. Validates user to enter description of change
  4. Validates user to enter longer description of change
  5. Validates user to specify if there are any breaking changes
  6. Validates user to specify if changes will affect any open issues


  1. You cannot deploy by purpose if there are more than 2 instances with the same purpose.