Initializing Insites Admin to an existing PlatformOS project


$ insites init


$ insites init


A command that Initialises Insites Admin.


  1. -h, --help. It will display help command.


  1. Checks if App requirements are existing
  2. Checks and install dev dependencies
  3. Checks if App directory is existing
  4. Checks and Install App Dependencies
  5. Copy and Download Insites Admin to marketplace_builder directory

Checks App requirements

  1. Node
  2. Git
  3. Marketplace CLI

Installation of App Dependencies

  1. Creates Json config file
  2. Creates .gitignore file file
  3. Creates Package.json
  4. Install Commitizen Dependencies
  5. Install ESlint, CSSLint, HTMLLint, and Webpack

Development dependency validation and auto installation

  1. .git initialised
  2. .gitignore
  3. node_modules
  4. package.json
  5. marketplace_builder
  6. .marketplace-kit

Initialization of Insites Admin

  1. Upon validation of App dependencies. If there are missing dependencies, it will auto install them and initialize insites Admin. If all dependencies are missing, it will create a new project.