Getting Started with Insites CLI

1. Create a new PlatformOS project with Insites Admin using insites new:

$ insites new myNewApp

The CLI Tool will ask you to enter your repository URL, environment name, purpose of environment, website URL and your partner portal credentials.

After entering your information, the CLI Tool will create a new app named ‘myNewApp’ and Install the app dependencies.

$ cd ./myNewApp
$ insites check

You can list the available commands by using the insites --help command.

2. If you have an existing PlatformOS project use insites init:

$ insites init

The CLI Tool will check if you the relevant dependencies installed on your machine. If any of them are not installed, it will automatically install the required dependencies. Afterwards, it will install the insites admin.

If none of the insites dependencies are found in your current directory, it will create a new platformOS project along with the insites admin.

Getting Started with Insites Deploy

This tutorial will guide you on how to deploy your work using insites cli.

1. Do some work on your Insites Admin project

2. Deploy changes

Use insites deploy <environment_name> to deploy changes in your environment. If code linting failed and you still want to deploy, you can use insites deploy <environment_name> --ignore-quality to remove linting process.

How to check latest update of Insites CLI

We have an auto-run checking that when you run the CLI commands, it will prompt the user the latest version.

Here is the example screenshot for the new version update: