Insites CLI

The Insites Command Line Interface (CLI) tool was designed to help developers to make deployments easier, faster and with quality code by using the power of automated checks and rules.

The Insites CLI Tool uses modern technology to achieve amazing results

  1. Typescript - Superset of Javascript
  2. NodeJS - Non blocking I/O event driven (Minimum Required Version 8.11)
  3. NPM - Node Package Manager
  4. Git - Version Control
  5. Marketplace Kit - pOS CLI Tool
  6. Webpack - Module bundler for JS applications

Folder Structure

Let’s walk through the anatomy of the Insites CLI Tool.

  1. .insites - Default directory for configuring rules on lint checks and output directory of lint results. The results from lint process are consumable in JSON format.
  2. marketplace_builder - Your marketplace app
  3. node_modules - Where app dependencies are stored
  4. src - Source folder for typescript and SCSS files
  5. insites-config.json -Insites CLI configuration file for your application, PlatformOS environments, lint process, and language compiler.

Insites Config

This is used to configure the initial settings for your application.