Latest News in Insites CLI


Released Date: March 1, 2019


  • Removed installation of Insites Admin/Core on insites new init and admin commands
  • Removed system field migration

New Feature:

  • New command: insites admin --user-add "" sets an email as Insites Admin User


  • Fix insites save command not saving changes on first run.


Released Date: November 9, 2018


  • Display success message when linting JS and CSS files with force option
  • Update file name on graphQL query in seeding system fields and setting email address as administrator.


  • Close node process when detecting that git is not completely initialised.
  • Rechange description of deploy command.


Released Date: October 31, 2018

New Features:


  • Logs in tree format for readability. This gives the user an idea on what is currently happening in the automating process.
  • Deployment with lint process. Simply saying, you cannot deploy if the lint process fails. This is to help maintain proper coding practices for developers.
  • insites new: Added auto setup of user’s email to administrator role, data migration for system fields, and initial commit to empty repository.


Released Date: October, 2018

New Features:

  • insites lint:scss. A command that lints SCSS files located in /src/stylesheets.
  • insites build. A command that Minifies and bundles JS files in your project.


  • Deployment with git process. Automatically commits and pushes work in the given repository during deployment.
  • Enables user to change their target linting path by editing insites-config.json file.
  • Added linter results in json format located in ./insites/linter_results/ folder directory
  • Auto install of missing app dependencies during installation.


Released Date: September, 2018

New Features:

  • insites lint:css. A command that lints CSS files located in marketplace_builder/assets/styles/app.
  • insites lint:ts. A command that lints Typescript files in located /src/app.
  • insites lint:html. A command that lints html files in your current directory.
  • insites lint:js. A command that lints JS files located in marketplace_builder/assets/scripts/app.
  • insites setup-local. A command that installs bundler modules and setups development libraries and linters.


  • insites new: Checks if entered repository is empty or not, Checks validity of email and website url.
  • insites deploy [purpose]. Enables user to deploy using purpose of project.


Released Date: August, 2018

New Features: