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Instance Overview

Published on October 27, 2022, updated on November 15, 2022

An instance is a web server that runs your web application. Instances are managed using an admin portal called the Insites Instance Administration (IIA). Aside from serving as a 'command center' for your web application, it also hosts a variety of powerful pre-built features such as a CRM, and Ecommerce and Locator platforms. In addition, it gives you the option to create databases, forms, and pages directly from the IIA instead of executing these tasks via your codebase.  

There are two main user personas on Insites: Non-technical and Technical users i.e Developers. The former uses the IIA to manage a web application, while the latter builds and maintains applications. Non-technical users refer to the User Guide in learning how to interact with the IIA, while Developers refer to the Developer Guide in learning the fundamentals of building code on Insites. While the Developer Guide is a sufficient resource for building on Insites, this section can serve as an alternative learning route, and fast track the learning curve by discussing common tasks such as adding a task to a CRM contact.

This section further explores fundamental topics in the Developer Guide in the context of using the IIA. The content is patterned after the topics in the user guide but focused on the developer persona. For example, while the user guide provides instruction to a non-technical user on how to add a contact to the CRM via the IIA, this section discusses how a developer might carry out the same action in their codebase. It also discusses schemas, requirements, and prerequisites - information that is sure to help developers along.  Some examples of the topics discussed in this section are the following:

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