Admin Users

Published on January 19, 2021, updated on June 29, 2021

Admin Users allows the User to Add, Edit, and Delete Admin Users from the website. Admin Users will have access to Insites Admin and will be able use its features.

Adding Admin users
  • To Add an Admin Users, the User needs to click on the Add Admin Users button first

  • Then fill out the details for the Admin User then click SAVE

  • After saving, Email associated to the Admin User will receive a Password Set email for them to Set the Password.

  • If the User selects, Save and Create New Admin, The form will be cleared after saving instead of returning to the List.

  • Once the password has been set, User can now login to Insites Admin.


Edit Admin users
  • To Edit an Admin, the User needs to hover over the Admin User they want to Edit and Click on Edit link.
  • The User can now update the details on the Admin User selected.


Archive Admin users
  • To Archive an Admin, the User needs to hover over the Admin User they want to Archive and Click on Archive link.
  • Confirm the Archive action.
  • Once confirmed, Admin User will be removed from the list.
  • Archived Admin User will have its accessed revoked and will not be able to Login into Insites.


Password Reset
  • An Admin User can also send a Password Reset email for other Admin Users on the list.
  • To do this, User must go to the Admin User's page and click on the Reset Password button.


Bulk Action
  • User can select multiple entries to be Archived.
  • User must click on the checkboxes of selected Admin Users
  • Then Click on the Bulk Action dropdown then select the Archive option.
  • Click Apply
  • Click Archive in the confirmation popup


Restore archived User Admin


  • To Restore an archived Admin User, the User must change the Filter from Active to Archived.
  • Table will show the archived Admin Users.
  • The user must select if in Bulk or Hover over the Admin user and click Restore, Once the action is confirmed, Admin Users will be removed from Archived List.
  • Restored Admin Users will have its access to Insites restored.
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