Published on December 30, 2020, updated on July 02, 2021

Managing your Categories, Products, Inventory, Prices and more.




Insites Ecommerce provides control to manage products, inventory and prices for an Ecommerce website. It supports nested / multi-level categories using parent-child category fields.


Users are also able to manage purchases / orders and set up email notifications for auto responders and workflow emails, and API webhooks for external system integration.


Module dependencies:


  • Insites Core v2.11.0^
  • Insites Stripe v1.0.1^


Supported Modules


  • Insites Ecommerce Template v1.0.0^


Todo After Installation

After you have installed the Insites Ecommerce Module on your instance from pOS modules marketplace.
Download the public files into your codebase. You can also use pos-cli modules pull <instance> <module_name>, unzip it and put it into your modules folder.
(ie. pos-cli modules pull staging insites_ecommerce)
Note: By using pos-cli pull, this will remove comments and change some file codes from how it was originally uploaded.

Save / move the downloaded files inside your modules folder as seen below:

Now that you have a copy of the public codes you may want to change some settings and content to suit your project:

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