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Event Stream

Published on January 21, 2021, updated on March 16, 2021

See an overview of events within your platform with Insites Event Stream.

The Insites Event Stream allows you to display a timeline of events from a wide variety of sources. Whether it be internal system processes, external influcencers, form submissions or secure zone logins, you will know what is happening in your eco-system through pushing events from any source into a consolidated, searchable, filterable and actionable stream.

A lot of system actions (emails, API calls, database updates, new contacts) and user actions (login, orders, form submission, secure zone access) happen in the background and out of view of clients, their staff and even admins. Bring them into a view, hilst also having the ability to create custom workflows from certain events.

View a constant stream of events in the timeline, with the option of customising the colours and icons for different events. With full markdown support for rich details on events, along with the option of adding detailed information for further actions.


  • Timeline view of events
  • Accepts events from any source via API
  • Customisable colours and icons
  • Ability to embed the timeline anywhere in your project
  • Backed with the power of Amazon SNS

Module Dependencies

  • Insites Core

Applied / Extend Features to Modules:

  • Insites Core
  • Insites CRM Activities v1.0.0^


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