Insites Help Centre

Insites is a framework that allows you to create world class web applications using elements through a complete design and development eco-system.

The Insites eco-system is designed to make creating stunning web applications easy, fast and reliable. We have taken care of the heavy lifting to allow you to focus on creating delightful customer experiences through highly customised and complex applications.

Your journey to application nirvana starts by designing your application utilising our User Interface Design System, which has been carefully handcrafted in Sketch, which would make your designer blush with excitement. There are hundreds of Design Elements available to create a stunning user experience, all while having the complete confidence that each one has been developed as a Code Element for your developers to use when it comes to bringing you beauty to life.

After you have wowed your customer (or yourself if it's an internal project!) through your mock-ups, it is time to roll up the sleeves and get ready to make this thing come alive. We know developers love tech tools and boy do we have a great big shiny new toy for them to work within our CLI Tool. After using the one line installation command , even your grandma could do it, your developers have more tools at their disposable than a Swiss army knife. Ensuring that your developers, with their new toy, don't get distracted and create a truck load of messy code and technical debt we have baked in a full suite of Linting Rules, which you can configure, customise, and add too.

Now we have a squeaky clean code, we need to set up a connection with your code repository of choice. Oh, and of course we need multiple environments to develop, test and do quality assurance on. You didn't think you could just push straight to Production, did you? Good. Well, you can dance with joy that we have a range of Workflow Diagrams for your team to utilise.

Our nerdiness starts to show here because we couldn't help ourselves and just have any old deployment process. Oh no, we crafted a complete Deployment Pipeline to process our suite of automation tasks which range from Unit Tests, code builds, minification, and compiling so nothing escapes the wrath of strict code standards. For the icing on the cake we added email and slack notifications to keep your developers honest (and a little touch of team shaming for trying to push crap code...mwahahaha).

So now you have your award winning, stunningly beautiful, ever reliable web application designed, developed, tested and operational in production, you can sit back and watch the money roll in! Just remember to think of your little old friends at Insites when you're bathing in your riches!!