Insites Docs Change Log

Change Log

12 September 2022

Insites Core v4.8.7


  • Update email footer logo

Bug Fix

  • Fix menu items sidebar - scroll

09 September 2022

Insites Database v4.8.0

New Feature

  • New UI Elements:
    • Card Select for String field type
    • Card Select (Multiple) for Array field type
    • Feature is also implemented in Form Builder

09 September 2022

Insites Components v2.11.0

New Feature

  • New component: ins-card-select and ins-card-select-option

08 September 2022

Insites Database v4.7.1

Bug Fix

  • Fix search issue on database items table

06 September 2022

Insites Locator v4.4.1

Bug Fix

  • Fix Locations Custom Fields import data

01 September 2022

Insites Ecommerce v4.7.1

Bug Fix

  • Fix Order Export Report returning an error

30 August 2022

Insites Permission Manager v4.1.3


  • Fix Profiles List page empty state

24 August 2022

Insites Locator v4.4.0


  • Improve Locations Custom Fields import and export data

22 August 2022

Insites Components v2.10.18


  • Update font icons


Bug Fix

  • Fix ins-code-editor height issue

19 August 2022

Insites Core v4.8.6

Bug Fix

  • Fix Form Builder Email Notification Workflow content
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