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Change Log

01 March 2024

Insites Ecommerce v5.6.4

New feature:

  • Display Order Number in the table
  • Added Order Number in advanced search

29 February 2024

Insites CMS v5.5.3

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where partials weren't visible on the Instance Admin after saving code from a local machine because partials were expected to be saved within the modules/ins_cms directory. Now, all partials, except for Insite-exclusive ones, are displayed on the Instance, regardless of their location.
  • Fixed the issue where authorization policies were being deleted because of the VCL

29 February 2024

Insites Data v5.3.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Data Source contacts
    • Database items list column value
    • Database Item Details external link to CRM Contacts

28 February 2024

Insites Data v5.3.0

New Features

  • Advanced Search
  • Advanced Filter
  • File Multiple - Download All Files
  • History



  • Remember state for tables
  • Show Data Source fields display field value instead of ID / UUID
  • External Link to selected Data Source value

26 February 2024

Insites CMS v5.5.2

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where Globals data do not load on a new Instance
  • Resolved an issue that caused pages to freeze whenever a user tried to open files inside a folder
  • Resolved an issue where SMSs could not be created


  • The system now displays 'Created at' and 'Updated at' details when viewing a file using the Explorer
  • Folders are now collapsed by default when you navigate to the CMS Explorer
  • The 'Insites External Email Layout' has been added as one of the layouts you can use when creating an email in the CMS

23 February 2024

Insites Ecommerce v5.6.3

New feature:

  • API endpoints for payments

16 February 2024

Insites Ecommerce v5.6.2


  • The following fields have been added to the ecommerce_payment table:
    • bank_name
    • bank_bsb
    • bank_last_four_digits
    • payment_method_name
  • A new table, ecommerce_payment_method, was created

14 February 2024

Insites Components v2.13.1


The following font icons have been created and are now available for use:
 - icon-pinterest
 - icon-pinterest-square
 - icon-filter-2

13 February 2024

Insites Ecommerce v5.6.1


  • Categories now have a 'History' tab. The tab currently tracks events such as archiving, enabling, and disabling a category.
  • Products now have a 'History' tab. The tab currently tracks events such as archiving, enabling, and disabling a product.
  • Orders now have a 'System Info' tab displaying information about when the order was created and updated. It also displays who last updated the order.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved the faulty button state shown when a payment is saved
  • Resolved an issue where the total amounts displayed on an order's detail's panel and the same order's 'Order Total' field do - not match when you are editing the order
  • Addressed date and time error whenever a payment is being updated
  • Resolved issues with the filter being unsuccessfully applied to a list of orders and breaking the orders list
  • Addressed an issue where the search feature indicated that no results were found even though testing revealed that the database contained the target items


  • The 'Import' button now goes into a 'loading state' whenever an order file is being uploaded to indicate that the system is processing the import

07 February 2024

Insites CRM v5.8.2

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue with the reset password functionality
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