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Change Log

23 February 2021

Insites Ecommerce v1.5.0

New Features
  • Added new fields for orders: ‘Shipping Options’ and ‘Shipping Instructions’.
  • Added new downloadables for orders: ‘Tax Invoice, Picking Slip and Packaging Label’. Company logo and other details are configurable via Global Contents.

23 February 2021

Insites Core v2.15.0

New Features
  • Built in Email Notification handler
  • Internal and External email partial helpers

23 February 2021

Insites Database v3.2.1

  • Updated default email content
  • Updated Insites Components form builder dependencies
  • Updated UI layout of Email Notifications form
  • Removed Redirect To field validation


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed From email field validation in Form Builder

17 February 2021

Insites Components v2.7.0

New Features
  • New attribute tooltip for Data Entry components
  • New attribute autostop for ins-carousel component


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Font Icons
  • Fixed broken styles of ins-codemirror and ins-editor

09 February 2021

Insites Ecommerce v1.4.0

New Features
  • Added new field 'Schema' for products & categories.
  • Added new usable partial/content block that appends the product or category Metadata, Open Graph, and Schema content. This should be added to your <head> tag similar to Insites Site Manager.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed 'NaN' error on product variants w/ '0' price value.
  • Fixed toast message not aligned when 'enable/disable'-ing a fright supplier.


  • Updated product & categories tab for Metadata, Open Graph and Schema to align with Insites Site Manager UI.
  • Added more tooltips for UX.
  • Updated 'sort_order' value to have default payload of '0' instead of being 'null'.
  • Updated export CSV to export all products & categories respectively, instead of just 'Enabled' ones.

05 February 2021

Insites White Labeling v3.0.0

Breaking Change


DEPRECATED FIELDS: branding_logo and branding_favicon fields (field type: photo).
- These fields needed to be deprecated because 'type: photo' was recently deprecated on the platform, and is starting to cause some issues which are solved on the field 'type: upload'.

ADDED NEW FIELDS: for Logo & Icon images which now uses field type: upload.
- Field names: branding_logo_upload and branding_icon_upload (field type: upload)



As these are “new fields” and we did not delete or update previous fields. Please update your graphQL and reference fields to use the new fields to ensure updated images are reflected on your UI.

  • Previous images will still be seen on Insites Admin -> General Settings UI.
  • Once user has “uploaded & saved new images”, it will be uploaded to the new fields branding_logo_upload and branding_icon_upload respectively.
  • Old fields & their values are kept as to avoid breaking anything on current projects/websites referencing the fields branding_logo and branding_favicon.
  • You can still access these old fields and their values, but they will not be updated anymore via Insites Admin.

05 February 2021

Insites Core v2.14.2

  • Improved Insites Admin URL handling; Non-existing pages now goes to admin/404 instead of Insites Admin Dashboard. Also minor text change on admin/404 page.
  • Improved CRM Cases to support and show fields ‘type: upload’.
  • Improved CRM Subject/Name for module databases, to be a bit more humanized.
  • Updated CRM Cases default filter to be ‘This Month’.
  • Updated Insites Admin ‘White Labeling / Branding’ references for Logo & Icon, to use the update Insites White Labeling fields using ‘type: upload’.
    • This is regardinging Insites White Labelling Module - v3.0.0 release.


Bug Fixes
  • Insites Internal Emails Template not using white labeling values (ie. Email Sender, Reply To , Logos & Icon, etc.)

29 January 2021

Component Variants


We've updated our design system to utilize Figma's variant update. This update will make changing states, sizes, styling, etc. for our components easier. See the updated components bellow.

27 January 2021

Insites Permission Manager v1.4.3

  • Updated page routes for consistency with other modules
  • Improved empty state grammars
  • Added metadata on 401 page to improve view on Insites Site Manager

20 January 2021

Insites Event Stream v1.3.0

New Features
  • Auto hide drawer fields when no value to display
  • Auto refresh timeline when search keyword is empty
  • Close timeline drawer when clicked outside


  • Updated integration guide how to apply Event Stream timeline for front-end usage
  • Applied 'Insites Admin Authorization Policy' for Insites Admin usage
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