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Change Log

05 May 2022

Insites Core v4.8.0

New Feature

  • View CRM and Contact: Popup Message

29 April 2022

Insites Core v4.7.0

New Feature

  • Edit CRM and Contact: Popup Message


Bug Fix

  • Fix System Field cannot be updated



  • Tasks List: Update select dropdown lookup behavior

19 April 2022

Insites Core v4.6.3

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Task Management issues with dates
  • Fix cannot save profile with Boolean value

11 April 2022

Insites Core v4.6.2


  • Add encryption in Console to IIA security


Bug Fix

  • Fix issue using Console SSO for removed Admin Users
  • Fix issue in recording Last Login using Console SSO

28 March 2022

Insites Core v4.6.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fix 401 login landing page redirect URL
  • Fix Insites Event Stream overview landing page

24 March 2022

Insites Core v4.6.0

New Feature

  • Create Console API Key page

22 March 2022

Insites Core v4.5.0

New Feature

  • Create activity for Task creation and completion



  • Task Management Default Filters


Bug Fix

  • Fix date format issue in CRM Task Management

14 March 2022

Design System Update - Ecommerce Module v4.6.0

Align figma ecommerce module to version 4.6.0

  • Updated Products row action to Edit | Disable | Delete
  • Product details field label updated from Main Image -> Product Main Image
  • Added field description for OG Image
  • Updated Categories row action to Edit | Disable | Delete

09 March 2022

Insites Core v4.4.2


  • Redirect users to login page when page has 401 Unauthorized error.


Bug Fix

  • Fix Overview Sidebar Item on click.

08 March 2022

Design System Update - Select Option

Added searchable variant for select option button.

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