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Change Log

20 September 2023

Insites Ecommerce v5.4.4

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed issue where Custom Fields for Orders could not be imported into an Instance
  • Fixed bug where the Date filter for the Orders page could not filter for the correct Orders

14 September 2023

Insites Forms v5.3.0


  • The user interface now employs icons to make it easier to determine if a field has conditional visibility enabled within a form
  • The user interface now provides tooltips that explain the meaning of icons when you hover over them

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved the problem where a mandatory toggle field erroneously indicated an error despite having a value
  • Fixed a UI issue where, during editing, fields are not correctly assigned to their corresponding Form Step
  • Resolved an issue where the Forms toolbox in the 'Email Notifications' tab was not showing any fields
  • Fixed an issue where the Form Steps could not be sorted
  • Addressed an issue with the Form Builder conditional visibility not working for some fields even though it has been enabled


  • If mandatory fields are skipped on the Form Builder, the form now automatically scrolls to the field positioned closest to the top of the page that has a validation error
  • The width of a Form Step is now dynamically based on its content
  • The Form Step wrapper now overflows and lets the section scroll when there are many steps, or there is not enough viewport width

13 September 2023

Insites Design System

Release a new version of Insites Design System

Update version of Insites Design System Figma is now availabe on Figma Community.


Update the components to use variables, This will enable the use of themes on designs to quicly change designs without diving into each element on the page. You can click here to learn more about Figma variables.

Component Attributes
Added nested components attributes to reduce the number of component variants required.
Please visit the specific documentation page for the component to see available attributes.

Auto Wrap
Updated components to use auto wrap feature for grouped elements that needs to break to next line based on the container width.

13 September 2023

Insites Core v5.5.4


  • 'Cases' has been removed from the main menu items

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where some Contacts are removed whenever a Company is created in the CRM
  • Resolved the issue where data was not displayed for a CRM Contact when the Instance did not have any Profiles yet


  • The option to import redirects when the redirect list is empty is now available

11 September 2023

Insites Databases v5.1.4

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the 'Width' and 'Height' fields in the 'Image Version' tab for creating image fields were uneditable


  • The last item in the breadcrumb now has a hyperlink

07 September 2023

Insites Ecommerce v5.4.3

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a problem where Custom Field values for Orders were not correctly updated in the Instance.
  • Fixed an issue where creating an Order would become stuck during the saving process.
  • Addressed an issue related to adding and updating Orders with DateTime custom field types.


  • The UI element used in the 'Notes' field for Ecommerce Orders has been updated to use HTML.

05 September 2023

Insites Ecommerce v5.4.2


  • The system now returns all Custom Fields when calling the Orders API endpoint: /ecommerce/api/v1/orders/{order_id}.

31 August 2023

Insites Site Manager v4.3.6


  • Added Version 5 CSV for Exporting Pages

30 August 2023

Insites Core v5.5.3


  • You can now add an Opportunity to the following entities via the ACTIONS dropdown button:
    • Company
    • Contact
  • You can now import and export URL Redirects in bulk

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where selecting an item on the ACTIONS dropdown button did not redirect to the correct CRM tab

23 August 2023

Insites CMS v5.3.2


When creating a CMS Page, you will now find that values entered in the 'Metadata' tab are displayed as preview values in the 'Open Graph' tab for the following fields:

  • Open Graph Title
  • Open Graph Description
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