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Getting Started

Insites is an Application Development Platform that brings together all the tools and building blocks in one Platform, allowing you to easily create engaging and sophisticated applications in lighting speed.

The Insites Console is the starting point and home for all the projects you build with Insites. You can manage all your applications from this central location, creating both Staging and Production Instances. Invite your team to collaborate on projects together, manage billing, install Apps from the Marketplace, and find Insites experts from the Partner Directory.

To get started with Insites, follow this step-by-step guide that takes less than ten minutes. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Create an Insites Console Account

Your journey with Insites starts with the creation of an Insites Console account. Go to to create your account. After providing your details, check your email inbox for an account activation email and click on the 'Activate Account' link. Clicking on the link verifies and activates your Insites account and opens the Insites Console.

Insites console signup form

Invite Your Team

Invite your team to collaborate with you and leverage their skills and expertise to build, support, and improve applications hosted on Insites. To add your teammates to the Insites Console, go to the 'People' tab and select + Invite User. They will receive an email invitation and simply need to accept and create a password. Note that you can also give granular restricted access to team members, by inviting them to either a folder or Instance instead

Insites console users list

Create an Instance

For each of your applications you can create instances in one of two environments, Staging or Production. Create multiple instances per application to follow your development standards. For example, use staging Instances to develop and test applications, then push to a production Instance.

To create an Instance, go to the 'Instances' tab within the Console and click on the + Create Instance button and fill out the relevant details. To keep projects organised and manage permissions for your team you can group instances together in folders.

Insites console instance list item

Install an App

You can start your application from scratch or leverage pre-built templates and Apps from the Marketplace.

For many situations, it may be faster and more cost-effective to buy an application and then customise it, rather than build it from the ground up.

To install an App, navigate to the 'Marketplace' tab within the Console and select Purchase on the relevant App. You can install multiple Apps on an Instance, and installation only takes a few minutes.

Free to use template for insites console users


Well done on completing the steps and getting started with Insites. We are excited to have you onboard. Our friendly support team are on standby for any questions you may have.

Don’t forget to check out the Insites Partner Directory for expert help with any of your applications, or if you are interested in selling your Apps on the marketplace contact us for details. Have a great day, and build something special!

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