General Information

Q: How to solve “Directory path not existing…” message during deployment?

Use insites init command. This will install development dependencies such as marketplace-kit.

Q: How to solve permission error during installation of Insites CLI?

Install cli via:

$ sudo npm install --unsafe-perm -g insites

Q: How to update version of Insites CLI?

Open terminal then type

$ npm i -g insites@latest

Q: How to setup SSH connectinons to codecommit repository?

Refer here for:

Q: How to solve webpack bundling issue when running insites build?

  1. You should have an existing JS file in marketplace_builder/assets/scripts/app
  2. You should have webpack.config.js in your app directory. If not, please run
$ insites setup-local
  1. After doing step 1 and 2, try running command again:
$ insites build

Q: How to deploy your existing project if git is not initialised?

Refer here: Deployment solution

Q: How conflict resolution works in CLI?

Scenario: Two Devs working on the same project

  1. Dev 1 made some changes and pushed to repository
  2. Dev 2 made some changes and ran insites deploy
  3. Dev 2 encountered an error because there is a conflict from the pulled changes (dev1)

To fix the conflict:

  1. Dev 2 must open the file that has conflict (home.html.liquid)

VS Code will place a letter “C” beside the file if it has conflicts

  1. Choose which change you want to update

VS Code has a feature for this:

  1. Run insites deploy command