Insites Docs Platform Website TemplateGetting Started: Setup and Installation

Getting Started: Setup and Installation

Published on January 01, 2021, updated on June 30, 2021

Setup and Installation of Insites Website Template on your Instance



  1. Login in pOS Partner Portal and go to pOS Marketplace.
  2. Search for Insites Website Template or Go to this link
  3. Select an instance then Choose Instance.
  4. Before installing the module, you have an option to not have seed data on the migration in your instance by setting the seed_data value to false in Template Values . You can also set the Google Maps API Key here by adding a value (Google API key) on google_maps_api_key. Note that leaving it blank will not create or update your google maps api key (e.g.: Google API Key is already set up on your instance).
  5. Click Deploy and the migration and module installation will run.


Setting Initial Global Content


Google API key, and other migration data NOT is required. BUT, prior to the developer starting the project, these API keys and global content values are sourced & provided by the project manager to the developer.


  1. If the Google Maps API Key is not set up during module installation, login to your IIA -> Integrations -> Google Maps and add a Google Maps API Key.

  2. Content images and addresses are NOT part of data migrated due to pOS limitations & current Insites implementation. So these are setup / uploaded via IIA dashboard.
  3. To add content images, go to IIA -> Database, choose any of these databases that has images:
    a. Blog
    b. Services
    c. Team
    d. Homepage Slider
    e. Page Header
    Click Item, start adding images by editing the item. Go to the Media section and Image. This will automatically generate a Desktop, Mobile, OG Images and List View version of the image depending on the database.
  4. To add addresses, go to IIA -> Site Manager -> Global Content and upload your logo, icon and update the addresses.
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