Date and Time

Published on February 04, 2021, updated on August 25, 2023

An easy to use, user friendly Time and Date Picker calendar from Insites. What more can we ask for?

This is only available on Desktop for mobile devices input will use the default for the device.

Figma Component Variant Properties

Date and Time Input Field
Properties Options Notes
Has valueTrue, FalseToggle to select if the input field will display the value or the placeholder for the component.
State Default, Focused, Disabled, Read Only, Error Select the state of the component.
Show Label WrapperTrue, FalseToggle to hide or show the label and tooltip for the component. Show Label and Show Tooltip property for the component will be hidden if this is disabled.
Show LabelTrue, FalseToggle to show or hide the label for the component.
Show TooltipTrue, FalseToggle to show or hide the tooltip for the component.
Show IconTrue, FalseToggle to show or hide the icon for the component.
Date Time Overlay
Properties Options Notes
Picker Date and Time Picker, Date Picker, Time Picker, Time Picker No Meridiem Select the type of picker to use for the component.
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