Published on February 04, 2021, updated on May 17, 2022

Your One-Stop-Shop for all your Input needs. Insites' Input component allows for all kinds of Input you might require on your plaftorm. And.. its highly customisable too! You need an email input field? Go ahead and add it! You want to add a Label to that? Or an Icon? Go ahead!


To use the buttons compononent in Figma please install the latest version of the Insites Font Icons.

  • Download the latest font file here.
  • Install the font file on your machine.
  • Restart figma to load the file in your font list.

How to change icons in Figma

  • Open the icons list here.
  • Select and copy the icon you want to use from the list
  • Paste the icon into the icon layer in the component.

Variant Properties

Properties Options Notes
Label Laben, No Label, Tooltip Choose what content will be display for the label of the component
Field Default, Icon, Color Picker, Number Define the type of the input field
State Default, Active, Disabled, Focus, Hover, Read Only, Error Select what state to display for the component
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