Change Log

14 October 2021

Insites Components v2.10.6

Bug Fixes
  • ins-input-multiple - Fixed auto focus on page load.
  • ins-notification - Fixed heading line-break behavior on overlapping words.


  • ins-gallery - Update thumbnail image(s) to fill whole gallery thumbnail.
  • ins-image-picker - Changed the uppercase "Upload" button label to Sentence Case.
  • ins-checkbox - Cursor changed to not-allowed on disabled state.

29 September 2021

Insites Components v2.10.5

  • ins-editor - Auto disable WYSIWYG rich text editor when value has a liquid code.

27 August 2021

Insites Components v2.10.4

  • ins-tab - Updated border and shadow to be similar to ins-table.


  • ins-input-tel - Fixed setValue() not emitting proper values.
  • ins-table - Fixed pagination page number showing blank when clicking << (first page) or >> (last page), and emitting incorrect page number if the table data count is below the table items per page count.

17 August 2021

Insites Components v2.10.3

  • ins-button-group - Aligned the UI and styling to ins-button.


  • ins-input - Fixed min and max validation, field attribute must be number to enable this validation.
  • ins-accordion - Title overflowing texts in the next line.
  • ins-dropdown - Fixed no styling changes when lined attribute is enabled.
  • ins-sidebar - Menu items overflowing texts in the next line.
  • ins-table - Fixed pagination page number error when clicking << (first page) or >> (last page).

10 August 2021

Insites Components v2.10.2

  • Added new event for ins-input-file - insFileUploaded for auto-upload finished process

16 July 2021

Insites Components v2.10.0

New Features
  • Added search-placeholder attribute to ins-select
  • Added placeholder attribute to ins-input-multiple
  • Added a download feature in ins-input-file
  • Added color picker support for ins-input
  • Improved ins-sidebar animation on mobile
  • Improved ins-table pagination
  • Improved ins-editor list item bullets
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed ins-carousel no-pagination feature
  • Fixed component styles

26 May 2021

Insites Components v2.9.2

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed ins-gallery slidable props, not showing next image when transitioning slides

19 May 2021

Insites Components v2.9.1

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed ins-select insValueChange event
  • Fixed font icons

17 May 2021

Insites Components v2.9.0

New Features
  • All Data Entry components now have setValue and getValue API
  • New component ins-input-phone
  • New ins-button attribute icon-right
  • New ins-accordion-item attribute open-icon and close-icon
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed ins-caruosel pagination handling when per-page is more than 1
  • Fixed active state handling of ins-accordion-item
Font Icons Update
  • Added new icons

    • heart-full
    • star-full
    • star-half
  • Updated icons

    • star
  • Deprecated icons

    • loaders

We have removed loaders from the list of icons in the documentation site but it will remain in the code. For new projects please use loader.

20 April 2021

Insites Components v2.8.0

New Feature
  • New ins-filter attribute - label
  • New ins-table API support for textAlign
  • New ins-table API support for columnWidth
  • New ins-table API support for mobileHeader
  • New tooltip attribute for all data entry components
  • New ins-accordion-item and ins-accordion-link toggle API


  • Improved animation of ins-button loading state
  • Updated behaviour of ins-image-picker to show file picker first before the modal
  • Removed ins-admin and ins-content from Insites Shell


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed ins-filter default date handling
  • Fixed ins-input-tel input handling
  • Fixed ins-select dropup and label handling
  • Fixed ins-table default-bulk-action handling
  • Fixed ins-select label handling
  • Fixed ins-input-tel getValue API
  • Fixed ins-code-editor setEvents API
  • Fixed styles of ins-select, ins-tab, ins-instance, ins-input-multiple, ins-radio, ins-table, ins-filter, ins-tooltip, ins-credit-card, ins-input-tel
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